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Part 4: Reiki Principles, Just for Today I Will Do My Work Honestly

Part 4: Reiki Principles Explained: Just for Today I Will Do My Work Honestly

When we are dissatisfied, this can be our bodies way of showing us that we are not being honest with ourselves. We know in our hearts when we are being honest. Dissatisfaction can be caused when we let fear make our choices and we are not living the life of our dreams and talents.

Working honestly brings abundance into the mind, body and soul. Supporting ourselves and our family and friends, without harming others and earning a living, nourishes the soul, bringing balance and wellbeing to our lives. The common myth that we all have to work hard and put up with disliking what we do is wrong! The more you love what you do, the more you will enjoy it, leading to a happier healthier you, that can only encourage those around you to feel the same. We tend to work hard at what we love.     It is a myth that if we are failing if we are not super busy 24/7, this is something we need to overcome and remove from the habits of society.  Life is here to be enjoyed; happiness is a journey not a destination.

We all have an important role to perform in this physical world and how we live makes a difference for numerous people. Discover your life purpose, it could alter over time, but ensure you enjoy each moment and 'Just for Today do your work honestly'.

Reiki/ the Chakra Clearing Positions: One hand on the 3rd Eye & the other on the Solar Plexus, until intuition tells you balance has been restored.


Have an amazing day, new beginnings!


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