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Part 1: One of 5 Main Reiki Principles Explained

Reiki Principle:  Just For Today I Will Be Kind To My Neighbour and Every Living Thing

Being kind costs nothing and it is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another. This principle of Reiki, is a reminder to honour everyone in our lives, our family, friends, teachers, our elders and anyone we come into contact with. As with all the descriptions of the 5 principles of Reiki, what we put out is what we get back, so we must emanate a positive, high vibration to attract like minded people into our lives, with similar vibrations.

Dr Masaru Emoto, author and researcher, extensively studied the effects of water, consciousness and intention to see the correlation on the human body, as our bodies are made up of primarily water. He discovered that negative intentions have a negative effect on water samples, positive intentions had a positive effect of water. By focusing on positive thoughts, ridding ourselves of negativity, our bodies and minds are then healthier as a result, another reason regular Reiki Sessions are key!

The choice to live positively is ours, we are powerful creators and  peace really can be obtained. Following the 5 main principles will have a profound effect on your life. The ability to manifest happiness is a choice we can all make, even at very trying times in life.     

For the next 4 weeks we will cover the remainder of the Principles, check back next week to further enhance your life! 

Tips for Reiki healing positions to create balance within us and to open up the gratitude in our lives:

Place one hand on the 3rd Eye Chakra (centre of the forehead) and one on the Root Chakra (base/ lower stomach). When you feel guided move one hand from the 3rd Eye to the Throat and from the Root to the heart chakra, in the middle of the chest, until intuitively guided to stop.

Have an awesome week


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