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New Moon Magic Awaits You...

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Every two weeks the moon energies open up opportunities for you to transform your personal world and manifest the life of your dreams. All you need to do is to take the action, fully open your heart and believe you are worthy. When you stress and worry, you are creating energy blockages that prevent you moving forwards. When you think things are going to go wrong or that they might not happen... then they won't. What you put out comes back to you, it really is that simple. Your body, your guides and the universe hear every thought you think so work on the quality of your thoughts, your perception, of even the basic tasks, and STOP moaning and discussing the negative, broken, upsetting parts of your past, present and future. Worry does not change the outcome, focusing on the negative ruins your day...let's laugh, dance and sing out loud more (or whatever it is that brings you unrivalled joy!).

Many of you will be feeling the buildup to the next moon cycle, weird dreams, unsettled sleep patterns, aches and pains that are just reactions to the energy. Know you are not alone, talk to others, it is amazing how many of us are feeling the same 'symptoms' and they only appear discombobulating when we think it is just us!

Yesterday, 30th September, 6 planets were retrograde and this brought the past to the surface, things you thought had been worked through and cleared, and this can still hang around for a few days. Breathe, step back and decide whether your reaction is true to who you are now, do not let old habits ruin your new-found strength, love of life and ability to move in a new direction.

On Wednesday 6th October 2021, we have the New Moon in Libra at 4.05am PDT, 7.05pm EST, 12.05pm UK and 9pm AEST. The world is evolving, a lot of the positivity, that is happening is hidden from you as it is not included in mainstream media, but know, truth and freewill are very strong amongst vast numbers of people. People are standing up and saying no to the verbal diarrhoea that has been spewed at us for years. Communities are splitting as people move into their spiritual selves and others remain stuck in the old 3D way of being, living in fear and negativity. One of the best things my Mum taught me was: 'there is no such word as can't' relevant to the energies right now.

It is a significant time to leave relationships, friendships, jobs, anything that does not feed your soul and light up your world. We are not the same people, we are germinating into incredible evolved humans and enjoying heaven on earth. The New Moon energies are already impacting us and are set to blow us away. They are empowering us to remove stress, worry and doubt and work on all the is in your control (your life). Set powerful intentions (for the next 2 weeks, 2 years or for your lifetime - there are no limits), build your vision board and altar/sacred space within your home and seek out like minded souls. Community is significant once more this month and the whole of October is going to see us manifesting beyond belief once more.

This is all in preparation for 2022, which is set to be an extremely exciting, cosmically rewarding year where our intuition is going to be on fire (if it is not already!), our day-to-day levels of happiness are going to be magnified and many are going to feel as if they are living in heaven on earth. Focus on your level of consciousness, your understanding of the world, your truth, happiness and wants. Life is for living... my next blog will be on Understanding Your Shadow Self, which will help many of you face your triggers and upgrade your energies further. More truth is showing up, the liars being uncovered, and mass protests continue throughout the world, even though the mainstream media does not publish it. Be open to listening, searching for, and locating the truth, and it will appear for you, positive news and films are coming. The world and humanity is evolving, super positive changes are occurring, even though hidden to many. Have a stunning few days and when you would like to book a session, a class or a cleanse then get in touch.



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Final Moon Cycles this year: Full Moon 20th October, New Moon 4th of November & December + Full Moon 19th of November & December 2021

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