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Negativity, a major cause of Di-sease

Negativity as a major cause of di-sease and I would love more people to understand this and look internally when they get ‘sick’. Every illness is triggered by internal turmoil, trauma and general lack of self-love or being in a environment of negativity and emotional bashing i.e. ‘you are not good enough’ or constant criticism from another.  I have read so many articles where people have changed their thoughts and mindset to daily positivity and healed themselves. It does not require 24/7 positive thoughts; it is about re-evaluating and ‘dispensing’ negative thought patterns and habits when they arise.

Anita Moorjani states she got her cancer because she spent her whole life living in a fear mindset.  Do more gay people suffer from cancer because we often grow up in environments that make us feel guilt, shame and unworthiness? Social habits and religion are so destructive and harmful to our mental freedom. One cancer sufferer was told “your problem is not the cancer but your anger”. He had brought up as a Catholic and as he is gay he felt so angry at god and the Universe, which the healer then explained was a major cause of his illness.

The above example was from, thank you to them for all the work they do in helping people heal even the most destructive of illnesses.

It is really important we release suppressed emotions and negativity, that we confront them and deal with them, as they can be just as damaging to our internal bodies. We do not need to pretend to be 100% happy; it is how we learn to deal with the negative, harmful thoughts that make the big life changes.

Another example: retirement, can cause people to ‘give up’, they have feeling of lack of self worth, that they are no longer needed or have any purpose in this world which then leads to bad ‘illnesses’ and some, pass away quiet suddenly as soon as they stop their old professions. Let us learn from this and look at how we can live in the present moment, without fear and worry.

A great daily affirmation for this is "I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness", repeat each time you feel negative thoughts and emotions rising to the surface. Let us all work to eradicate such negative, di-seased habits and live much more happy, fulfilling lives! We do not have to live in a constant state of stress, on the contrary, we are here to enjoy each moment, to live our dharma and make this world a better place for everyone! 

Breathe, take time for yourself and smile as often as possible! Meditation is an excellent tool to aid with altering our learned bad habits.

Have a wonderful week



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