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Musings this Festive Season

The super talented actor & comedian Robin Williams struggled with the intense energies given off by others, as so many of us do & many without knowing why events cause emotional imbalances & mental confusion for them. The more we come to understand the impact situations have on us & do further work to protect ourselves, the more able we are to cope & change the way others & situations affect us. I, for one, struggle in some situations – like running my crystal stall last week in a school – I wanted to fix all the ‘broken’ & ‘misunderstood’ children (& adults). This happened a while back at an event for the over 55+ residents of the borough recently too. Then I attracted almost an hours worth of negative people questioning Reiki, crystals & all that I do & quiet aggressively. The intense energies throughout the morning took there toll on my energy walls & I attracted a series of sceptics. I do so wish I could fix everyone all the time! Some people are 'happier' remaining miserable & with the 'glass half empty' then working on themselves to change negative learned behaviours & lighten their daily lives.

Carrie Fisher, when interviewed numerous times about one of her good friends Robin Williams, she discussed how situations, events & life impacted him.  She often referred to how blown away by his charisma she was and the way he absorbed his surroundings. "Robin had rampant empathy," explained Fisher, "Everything would end up on his grid. He'd walk in a room, and all the energy there would impact him. He was the opposite of selfish. Anything would hurt him. Or … impact him somehow." I would have to totally agree & it can be so tiring!

Carrie described Robin Williams as the "Centre of attention" in any room, "He was something you just don't see, like a comet. I hope he's like a comet and he comes again, but that would be selfish,” she said, adding that his energy and comic delivery was "unstoppable." "I'm sorry he punctuated his sentence before it had run its course. But he packed in five lifetimes before he left."

He definitely had such an eventful and packed life, inspiring so many to grow, laugh & be themselves, no matter what. Talking opening about difficult topics, as Carrie Fisher did, helped thousands.

We are so quick to give people & behaviours 'Labels' these days that it alienates people and has a massive, often negative, affect on their lives. Whilst on the stall last week, a young kid wanted to touch the crystals - I always welcome everyone touching them because of their healing properties. Afterwards his grandma came back & said 'thank you so much for allowing him to touch everything, he is autistic'. Misunderstood, different to others, feed the wrong food but not autistic - why do we now have all these labels for behaviours??? It marks kids for life, it is not the right way to go about helping kids and can be very damaging.

“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.” Robin Williams

Whilst starting to write this blog the other day I got notification that Robert Holden was LIVE on Facebook & he was most interestingly talking about Enneagram Tests that work out your personality type & how the world affects you. I would highly recommend taking the test & working through the many articles, as a way of better understanding YOU & how & why everything affects you so deeply & often unexpectedly. We really mist continue to work to perfect the art of not worrying about the ‘What if’s’ the ‘maybes’ – worrying NEVER changes the outcome!!!

I spend every day wanting to help others better understand and remove the daily 'stresses' we impose on ourselves, it is something I have to remember to work on to! Daily challenges give us the opportunity to grow and develop new ways to enjoy this journey of happiness & joy that we call 'life'. Taking responsibility for the energy we emit helps make this world a better place.

Have an amazing weekend.



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