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Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse Love Energies

We are experiencing a massive surge in the LOVE energies streaming into Mother Earth throughout October. The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse is on 14th October 2023 at 18:55 London, UK; 10:55 Los Angeles; 13:55 New York & 15th October at 04:55 in Sydney, Australia it is going to be epic. A ring of fire Eclipse, a blast of energies to remove obstacles, if you have been struggling to birth all you desire into the physical form, and a huge surge of LOVE energies opening up to us. We also have the arrival of our dragon energies, on a larger scale, and the embodiment of our true essence is coming back online exponentially. We are moving into expanded unity and quantum consciousness, as each day passes.

LOVE Energy Surge October 2023

Eclipse Season arrives on Saturday 14th and concludes on Thursday 28th, Full Moon Magic Day. The turbo-charged eclipse energies are supplying us with heart opening frequencies, giving rise to euphoria. Our energetic timeline corrections are underway, a collective shift of epic proportions, for everyone open to transcend. Humanity is stepping out of the unpleasant, abusive, controlling, hierarchical power system and materialising a new way of being.

Embody, embrace, and utilise the eclipse portal to inspect your personal self, ask questions, journal, do whatever needed to free yourself. Where are you blocked? Where are you stuck? Has self-sabotage fully gone? What are you afraid of? What do YOU need to finalise, heal or remove from your being to flourish beyond all expectations right now? What are you still tolerating, from yourself and others, that doesn't make you happy? Self-exploration to maximise your potential this eclipse season is on overdrive. A New Moon of magnified new beginnings as we course correct ourselves, improve the way we communicate, who/what we 'rely' on, and no longer fall into the addictive patterns blocking our path. You are amazing, ensure none of the negative shite that occurred in your world before has a rite of passage to you, you choose. We are done calling in the lessons, we are our profoundly majestic, sovereign beings here on planet earth at this catalytic time to assist in the rebirthing of humankind.

Libran traits to utilise, are their love of making peace within their environments, their seamless connectivity, that can aid the further unity of consciousness and welcome a new balance and sense of order, HERE, NOW. Community, the connection of like-minded souls, awake to the freedom that is our birth right, is moulding together beautifully. The energies you permeate decide your day, moment and your existence. A time of accessing your soul's wisdom, all the knowledge you hold within, and all that was 'turned off' for you to now birth into form in this lifetime. Re-remembering is divine, giving us strength and launching us to upgrade and expand faster.

Don't Look Back

As empaths we go outside of ourselves and connect with others on their terms, putting ourselves in their shoes, reaching a meaningful level of dialogue and interaction. Energetically we must practice releasing any unwanted energies collected from others, in whatever form works for you. Blame and judgement is over, stop looking outside of yourself for the change you want to see in the world, be the change. The energies you permeate decide your day, moment and your existence. A time of accessing your soul's wisdom, all the knowledge you hold within and all that was 'turned off' for you to now birth into form in this lifetime. Re-remembering is divine, giving us strength and launching us up to upgrade and expand faster.

We are opening new energetic doorways, stepping outside of our comfort zones, to push beyond the limits of our minds and actually physically put things into effect. Our minds were holding us back, not anymore, we are divine, free and loved beyond belief. We are lifting the self-imposed restrictions that we 'called in' for the lessons we needed to evolve to this point. Our bodies are being re-engineered to match the new consciousness, we are co-creating magic as we recalibrate, absorb the energy upgrades and step into our mastery. As sensitives we are becoming even more sensitive, hence way grounding, energetic protection and removing collected/stored energies are vital, throughout every day.

It is all here, now, when you believe it to be so, we have everything we need, life is here to be enjoyed. Go create that art piece, learn that language, move, build a family &/or a business - whatever freedom means to you. We are entering zero-point neutrality, generating peace, love and harmony within ourselves. Daily rituals, healing practices, working on your old mindset of negativity, walking in nature, all nourish and strengthen your soul. Allow your energetic field to expand, as you create your sacred space, your LOVE tunnel, for the emergence of your mind, body and soul to magnificent new levels of growth and understanding.

What signs did you get today? Write them down, work with them and allow yourself to accept your worthiness to have everything you want. Spirit meets us at the point of action, take the steps to your dreams and permit miracles to unfold. You are creating your own reality, make wise choices and enjoy the evolution on your soul. The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is super thin, unique opportunities are accessible to you, it is all up to YOU. Grounding, grounding, and grounding yourself again, is our daily journey, to keep ourselves balanced, whole and complete as the energy downloads upscale and we transform. very exciting times.



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