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Learning to Thrive as an Empath

It is tough... a turbulent journey that I learn to understand on so many new levels as each day passes. Growing up, the words "oh you are too sensitive", "stop being so sensitive", "stop worrying about others" ring true because as empaths we feel when others are troubled and cannot help but take this on board. Now it is about learning new ways to better cope with strong emotions that arise it difficult times. Empaths are also know as Earth Angels & Lightworkers.

The last "stop worrying about others" - it is not a 'worry' but a genuine absorption of energies. Like it or not, empaths sense and feel the pain of others, not through choice but because of who they are. The recent events in the UK caused such feels of disappear and heartache for so many, now we must rebuild and find a new level of calm. Living in the 'NOW' is vital, the past has gone, tomorrow is not yet here, so lets 'seize' the day and make it the best that we can.

I also went through it recently, full of all consuming fear due to the lack in financial resources. Every time, as soon as I remove the fear, worry & self doubt then 'my world' changes drastically for the better. Being positive, confident and believing in your own abilities is very freeing and rewarding. I so love helping others to heal themselves.

There is such biological conditioning that being stressed is a way of life, it isn't! We are all entitled to live the life of our dreams. One saying goes "If our dreams don't scare us they aren't big enough", this is a good scared. Reach for the stars and you will achieve, burst out of your 'cocoon' & discover the life you truly deserve to live.

This is an interesting video, well worth a watch: Samadhi is ultimately a dropping of all inner resistance to all changing phenomena without exception. The one who can find inner peace, irrespective of circumstance

I continue to learn and grow daily and would be interested to here your stories too. Comment below or email 

Reminder: It is a full moon on Sunday at 05.06am so remember to put your crystals in the window closest to the moon and recharge them. Have an awesome week.



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