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Invigorating August Full Moon for Manifesting.

The August Full Moon occurs at 12.56pm on Sunday 26th & is set to spice things up for all of us! A time when we can all work out what we truly want, desire and enjoy.  Normally I would be advising you to write, burn & release all that no longer serves you, which is still a good idea but this months journey is asking that we focus on our success to-do list.  More than that it is a time of actually making your dreams come true. Mercury Retrograde is over, we still have some Summer left so let's make plans for a magnificent remainder of 2018.  

One quote I read said “the point of this lunation is to put ideals and inspiration into concrete forms so we can bring our dreams down to earth.” Love it! Lets finally manifest our wildest, biggest dreams into situ NOW.

One other aspect of this lunar cycle is our ability to create greater connections with each other and bask in the energy of unconditional love for those around us &, most importantly, ourselves. Be sure to not allow the planning & excitement to overwhelm you. Include into your daily routine those habits that help you to relax; run, meditate, go for a walk, read a book, ride a bike, go to the gym. What ever takes you away from your every day thoughts, even for a few minutes!

This is such an exciting time of planning, manifesting & growth, so many people are joining the 'spiritualist train' & realising THEY can control their destiny & reach for the stars!

I am hosting a Full Moon Ceremony this Sunday, at the time the moon will be at it's fullest & it means we can work on those lists together!

12.45pm - 2.30pm East Twickenham Event Details Here: Full Moon Ceremony

We can gather at my Reiki Room then move to the Riverside, weather permitting. I will take us through the process of what to do then it will require some work from you too, as only you know your ultimate desires! To reserve your spot: CLICK HERE, maximum spaces = 11 people.

Have an amazing few days & hope to see some of you on Sunday lunch. 




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