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Energy Update & The Next Full Moon

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

October's energies, as a whole, are magnificent, life-altering and preparing us for the intensely transformative changes on their way in 2022. Human consciousness is ascending, we are working with higher vibrations of energy and are altering life on earth forever. Portals of energy are opening up for you to upgrade your life and leave the old you behind. Open your heart, ignore your ego and remove fear based thoughts. We are free from the entrapment of Mercury Retrograde on 17th, although it is best to wait until at least 23rd October, once we have gone through the shadow period. We can once more start new projects, make big purchases and put into action the plans we have been working on.

On the flip side, October is the month when we are challenged to once more clear out our personal self-destruct closet. This can be self-debilitating thoughts, old habits of thinking, blocks we put in our own way to stunt our growth and ascension. Examples include the plans we put off until tomorrow, yet that tomorrow never shows up: Oh, I will start eating better next week, next month or next year; I will get back to exercising regularly when I have more time - this is the same as meditation, if you are 'too busy' then you should do double the amount. Every moon cycle encourages you to declutter your home and your mind, so let's get to work! Nature is calling you, go for that walk, arrange to meet friends and explore a new landscape or take yourself out in the open. Autumn sees nature provide a beautiful palette of colours and energies of renewal, as the trees shed their leaves and prepare for the seasonal alterations. This can then be applied to yourself with clearing your thoughts, feelings and actions that no longer serve where you are and where you want to be.

The next Full Moon in Aries is on Wednesday 20th October 2021 at 7am PST, 10am EST, 3.56pm UK, 1am on 21st in AEST. Being aware of the moon energies every two weeks is super important for our current journey on planet earth. Moon energies are highly psychic and wonderful for resetting your energies and for charging the crystals that you have in your life. I highly recommend preparing over the next few days, writing down everything you want to release and completing the ritual on Wednesday.

As I often mention, your thoughts create your world, your feelings cause aches and pains and negativity in your life (or positivity if you are awakening and able to alter your mindset to the best way for you).

We are heading on a huge spiritual journey as we approach the final Full Moon of 2021 on 19th December and then the Winter Solstice on 21st December. Please allow yourself to wake up to working with the energies, changing your stress levels and improving your daily life NOW, as this is our calling. The universe wants us to thrive, laugh lots and not 'put off manifesting all we desire.

It is period of huge change in human consciousness as we ascend to higher levels of human existence. When we previously thought about ascension it referred to people crossing over to ascend, like Jesus. The ascension we are experiencing right now does not mean we must leave the physical world, it means a massive growth in how we live so that we can clean up and change our ancestral paths and past lives. What went on before no longer matters, it does not have to impede your life now, it is an exciting time so that the next generations get to enjoy life NOW....instead of waiting until....(insert your blockage thoughts here). NOW is the perfect time to do whatever it is you are looking to achieve. Ascension is the dramatic, physical, emotional and spiritual transformation in humans that will cause you to think, feel and act differently. Some of us are Ascended Masters, here to help the world transform, it is very exciting.

Key emotions for October are patience, compassion and resilience, know how amazing you are and trust all you see and sense. Relationships alter as you awaken spiritually and one of the most common reasons is because others do not want to work on healing the broken parts of themselves. As you let go of relationships that do not work, you welcome new souls into your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the upleveling of human consciousness and all that you are experiencing then do get in touch and we can do some coaching, teaching, a reading or cleansing of your soul. This will then give you greater tools to be strong, balanced and free from fear going forwards. A wonderful book about the 5D Ascension is Waking Up In 5D by Maureen J St. Germain but do explore your own resources (& share them in the comments below). Ask the universe (well thank the universe) for providing the miracles to assist you in transforming your world. Daily intentions are a must and allow the universe to clearly hear what you are looking to achieve and supply to the world. I am very grateful that I get to help so many of you with your journey's. When you fully discover your dharma, you will know that we do in fact live in heaven and are here to reap the rewards and share our knowledge with the world.

Remember to cleanse your crystals and set an intention, per stone or as a collective, for that which you are looking to manifest. Be super clear so the universe can hear what you truly desire!



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