Food Diaries

Tracking our daily food and drink consumption is one of the easiest ways to understand our eating habits and the health of our diet. We are often unaware of the calorie, fat & sugar content in products and I know use a food labelling chart when I go shopping showing the recommended levels of Fat, Sugar and Salt, to compare the best products to buy!

A useful guide per 100g:

                         Fat                     Saturated Fat               Sugar                 Salt              

High               Over 20g                  Over 5g                  Over 15g         Over 1.5g

Medium        3g - 20g                   1.5g - 5g                    5g - 15g         0.3g - 1.5g

Low               Under 3g                 Under 1.5g              Under 5g       Under 0.3g

Once you get used to tracking the amounts your weight and health will improve. It is even possible to track calories at many restaurants via their websites or on the actual menus. I have always adored Wagamama's as a healthy option and although nutritious the calorie content of many of their dishes is very high. Choosing wisely and incorporating a walk or run can balance out eating our favourite treat meals once or twice a week!

I also use MyFitnessPal App to track food, drink and over weight and body measurements. The app allows you to scan the barcode of products to ensure accuracy and makes recording items simpler. There are many apps available that are just as effective on the market though for all phone types!

Another great resource to manage your body's health is to use websites that calculate your BMI by using your weight and height. This can then be monitored as you travel through your health eating journey.

Advice: Keeping a food diary for a fortnight or a month is one of the best ways to learn about what we are feeding our souls. Match it against your mood and level of activity each day and it will help to ensure you are eating the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients.



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