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Sunday's Intuitive New Moon in Pisces

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

This Sunday, 23rd February, we have the 2nd New Moon of 2020 at 15:32 (UK) in Pisces. As predicted, this year is already throwing some of us massive curve balls of challenging changes in direction, in both our personal and professional lives, in relationships and our personal growth. Know everything is happening exactly as it should and it is the courage and strength within (supported by the energies of the last full moon) that we need to call upon, build on and believe in.

The focus of each New Moon cycle is new beginnings and even if they are unexpected ones, be sure to appreciate that they will lead you on to bigger and better ways of living daily. It is most certainly the perfect juncture to follow your intuition (to book an Intuitive Reading, message me), trust yourself and take action on where you want to be in the near and distant future. Plant new thought-seeds and keep optimistic during this lunar cycle, you have got this! Be open to learning all you can from the demands put before you, to allow you to work with the positives of situations rather the negatives.

Mercury Retrograde has started once again too, and continues until 10th March 2020, which adds more demands on our energy, our thought processes and the function of things around us. There is a lot more information in my previous blog. The crucial factors are; communicate clearly (repeat things if necessary to be heard correctly, even digitally); do not sign any contracts during this period (to ensure ultimate success) and be patient when things go 'wrong', like computers playing up and so on.

This phase of 2020 is perfect for believing in magic and wonderful outcomes, to ensure you attract to you all that is meant for you. Get revising and planning your goals, call on your guides for signs and synchronicities and look to support those around you in new ways, so we can all flourish and thrive together, even with all the challenges. We knew this year was going to bring massive ups and downs. Learn all you should from the lows, enjoy the highs and recognise that you can truly achieve anything you set your mind to!

Suggested New Moon Goal Setting Ritual:


  • Smudging sticks, Incense, Frankincense or Palo Santo

  • Candles & lighter/matches

  • Your favourite notebook / Moon Diary & Pen

  • A bowl of water and your crystals of choice

The Ritual:

  • Find a quiet space (indoors or outdoors)

  • Sage the area and yourself (the whole body, in a figure of 8)

  • Light the candle(s), even if it is daylight, as it invites in positive energies

  • Ground yourself with a sequence of deep breathes, to bring about feelings of calm & serenity. You can follow my breathing exercises here: Youtube Video.

  • Listening to calm, relaxing music can aid the experience

  • Record each New Moon Goal in your notebook, preferably with the date & time, so you can refer to them monthly

  • Set intentions, words of your choice. I tend to use "I accept these exciting new developments, people & situations into my life today. I believe that everything happens for a reason & for the highest good of all"

  • List all your hopes, dreams & desires from 1 to an infinite number of items, whatever comes to you. Just be sure to aim high

  • Return to the list throughout the month & mark off as you achieve each goal / dream / desire & add anything else that has come to mind. Our wants, needs & desires change as our priorities & perspectives transform & grow

  • A Vision or Mood Board displayed in your home is a great way to monitor your manifesting journey

  • Do a new list each month, even if it contains some of the same items. It is key to start a fresh and work through your most current personal goals

To book an Intuitive Reading with Angel & Oracle Cards for guidance through the maze of emotions and energy shifts or a Crystal Reiki Treatment for balancing, anxiety relief and inner healing, see the website or contact details below.

Remember your intuition, your inner voice, is a wonderful tool to help you achieve tremendous success with this life journey. Many more earth-bound souls are waking up and fully embracing spirituality, to enhance where they are now and increase their intuitive wisdom and ability to enjoy every moment. It is a very exciting era, even with the unexpected adventures, there is always more to learn from each chapter and much more to accomplish this lifetime. Be kind, show love, hug often and relish these vivacious experiences the Universe is waiting to show us.



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