Emotional Prep for the Holiday Season

It is that time of year again, time really does fly by & so even more of a reminder that we must make the most of the here & now. Tomorrow is gone, the future has yet to come and something that always stands out for me is from the research about the biggest regrets of the dying, a book by Bonnie Ware, No 1 being "I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me" & "I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings." This holiday season lets make a promise to ourselves to be patient, be compassionate but also to be true to ourselves.

There is a lot of pressure from all angles & compromise does need to occur, just please ensure that is not at the expense of your own health & wellbeing. You, your thoughts, feelings & emotions matter too! Make time for relaxation - even 10 minutes away from situations or thought your day very much helps & enhances your own ability to be calm & not take the actions of others personally. Acknowledge how you feel without judgement, we are going to feel anxious, happy, sad, stressed & a whole plethora of emotions. That is OK! It is how we deal with anything that arises that is important. Be sure to not see something a certain way based on a 'learned' habit from before or from previous bad treatment of you. We can get through, in fact we can rejoice, celebrate & rise above all negativity & have lots of fun. Reiki, yoga, exercise, going for a walk, meditation, even reading a book for a short will calm the mind & rebuild your mental clarity. 

Reminder: It is important to make sure that we are not caught in a cycle of doing what we do not want. If you do not want to attend that event, function or gathering, then don't! 

A great way to dispel 'problem' thoughts & feelings of negativity, anxiety & depression is to make a To-Do List of Action to reverse your thinking. This can be an extension of the relaxing activities mentioned above, any activity that brings you calmness & wellbeing. Even taking time to unwind before sleep, such as going to bed 20 minutes earlier to clear your thoughts, meditate, listening to music or just 'be', whatever brings you peace of mind. 


Do not react to another's stress or bad treatment of you, You are amazingTake time for YOURecognise what you are & what you have is enoughUse any anxiety or stress as a learning tool to take into 2017, a new mental strength & positive learned habit that you can use to 'throw out' negativity in the future.

It is a time of compromise & caring for others but that does not mean ignoring our needs to! Being selfish, if only for a few hours a week, means we have the strength, clarity of mind & patience to deal with anything the holiday season throws at us.

Learning new ways to de-stress, relax & better handle life's challenges can be a great way to start 2017. I cannot recommend Reiki enough, if you feel drawn to have a Treatment or learn how to do it yourself, then I have session slots between Christmas & New Year, to get 2017 off to a positive start. There are Online Courses on my website for I, II & Master/Teacher Levels £49 (a saving of £146 for ALL 3 with FREE Distance Attunements) www.handserenity.com, I have a Course for Reiki I for Children, Adults & Teenagers on Udemy to https://www.udemy.com/reikicourseonline/

Do let me know if you have any questions. The Reiki Treatment offer of BUY 2 GET 2ND HALF PRICE & 3 x Treatments, paid in advance, for £150 is still on this week, vouchers last for 6 months. It saves going shopping, gift vouchers can be sent via email (avoiding postal delays) & ensure the special people in your life get to relax, ignite their immune system & own healing abilities & achieve excellent personal growth.



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