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Crystals to Enhance Reiki Healing

Crystals are great for healing, energy balancing & grounding. Carrying, wearing or working with them aids the release of emotional, mental & spiritual blockages & so they enhance many healing experiences and especially so with Reiki. Reiki Energy Healing Treatments are brilliant for stress reduction and relaxation as it triggers the bodies own natural healing abilities. Blockages & Toxins build up overtime due to the complexities of life and negative 'learned' behaviours and thought patterns. The treatment can also benefit the recipient with increased awareness, insight, wisdom & personal growth. Crystals boost these treatments as they increase the vibration of the chakras, further boosting the healing.

Be sure to cleanse each crystal, in advance, with Reiki, sea salt or incense, & charge in the sun or moonlight. Start placing the stones at the Root Chakra (lowest) & work up. When removing them start at the Crown Chakra (highest) & work down the body.

Some suggestions for crystals that work well with each chakra are listed, but trust your intuition & work with what is best for you / your client:

Root Chakra (Red):  Red Zincite | Black Obsidian | Garnet | Smoky Quartz | Black Tourmaline | Hematite. 

Sacral Chakra (Orange / Blue Green):  Orange Calcite |  Carnelian | Vanadinite | Blue-green Fluorite

Solar Plexus (Yellow):  Yellow Jasper | Golden Calcite | Citrine

Heart Chakra (Pink / Green):  Tourmaline | Green Aventurine | Malachite | Jade | Rose Quartz 

Throat Chakra (Blue): Blue Calcite | Blue Turquoise | Blue Kyanite

Third Eye Chakra (Indigo): Lapis Lazuli | Azurite | Sugilite 

Crown Chakra (Purple): Amethyst | White Calcite | White Topaz

Placing Smoky quartz between the feet helps with grounding yourself & your client. Pendulums can be used above the body, for greater clearing & cleansing.

*See our Chakra blog for more information on the purpose of each :  Wheels of Spinning Energy 

*Should the client feel uncomfortable with any of the crystals then remove or replace them, everyone is different!

Using crystals with Reiki works well with regular clients / people who understand the healing processes & on yourself.

Have an amazing week.



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