Benefits of Reiki Treatments for Children with Cancer by Virgil Anderson.

Benefits of Reiki Treatments for Children with Cancer

Mesothelioma is a difficult type of cancer that affects thousands of people throughout the world every year. It affects the internal protective lining of the lungs, and it is known for being particularly aggressive and difficult to combat. Though it is primarily contracted through direct or indirect exposure to asbestos, it must be managed a quickly and efficiently as possible in order to provide patients with the best outlook. Because of how rigorous chemotherapy sessions tend to be to combat the illness, patients tend to supplement treatments with alternative therapies. One of the most focusing therapies available is known as Reiki.

The Link Between Reiki and Cancer Health

Reiki is a system of healing that is based around concentration and hand contact to create a link between the desired results and the living tissue itself on a mental and spiritual level. It is used as a powerful form of meditation and prayer that helps concentrate the individual's efforts into an achievable and mindful goal. Though there is little evidence of the practice's benefits as a primary treatment option, patients who struggle with cancer have had positive reports of applying the system of healing as a supplementary treatment method for their condition. The practice is especially recommended for children, as it teaches them focus and concentration in addition to improving their cancer outlook. Individuals, particularly children with the condition, who practice the method of healing regularly as they undergo chemotherapy treatments can look forward to a number of health benefits.

Pain Management

Dealing with the combined pain of chemotherapy and cancer symptoms can be difficult, especially for the young and elderly. Through the concentration promoted by the meditative healing system, individuals stand a better chance of fighting against all types of active and passive pain. The concentration allows individuals to focus on the results they want while managing their stress and pain in a much more proactive way. Studies link concentration and meditation with better resistance against pain, something that can be invaluable during every stage of the healing process.

Improved Focus

One of the trickiest issues to deal with during the healing is the decline of cognitive functions. Not only does the body feel sluggish, but it is not uncommon for the mind to feel so as well. Through the mindful concentration that this healing practice encourages, individuals are able to combat symptoms of cognitive decline while they improve their overall prognosis in the long term. It can be one of the best ways to create simple and attainable goals during the healing process.

Reduced Fatigue

Individuals can also look forward to reduced feelings of physical tiredness and fatigue. Fatigue is one of the most destructive symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy, as it may take away from the person's enjoyment of tasks they may have previously wanted to do. Through meditation and physical healing contact, the patient is able to fight against fatigue and improve their overall energy levels. With higher energy levels, patients can look forward to an easier and more fruitful healing process.­


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