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Angel of the week: Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the most well known of the archangels and he is one of my favourite angels, as his primary role is to help us remove fear and the ego from our lives! He can help us remove negative energy from within our homes, ourselves or any space we find ourselves in. Archangel Michael brings unconditional love to any situation and can work with anyone, at any time; we just need to call on him!

Ask Michael for guidance, to help you discover your life purpose and the next steps to take when making important life decisions. He is the archangel of protection and oversees the other archangels and our guardian angels. 

Archangel Michael is athletic and muscular with powerful facial expressions and body language. His aura is cobalt blue and he carries a sword of light or fire known as the 'sword of truth'. He is one of the four archangels I call on when doing healing work and card readings as he protects light workers from negative thoughts and energies from others.

A great exercise to do:

 Call on Michael to 'cut the cords' for releasing old, negative energies - initially for past experiences; when you are working on forgiving others and regularly for energy clearing.

A prayer from the amazing medium Kyle Gray's book, Angel Prayers:

'Thank you, Archangel Michael, for cutting the cords that bind me to people, situations and old energy. I am free. As I welcome your energy, I am filled with strength and your light of protection washes over me! And so it is!'

[ Copy and paste this link into a new browser to view and purchase Kyle's many wonderful books and angel cards ]

Astrology sign: Archangel Michael oversees them all

Advice: Use the visualisation at least once a month, to 'cut the cords' of anything that no longer serves you.

Love & Light


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