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11 Rules for a Happier Day

I have complied a list of things for us to try and do daily and then record the difference. I have been applying them this week, as much as possible and the results have been amazing! Technology has come so far, is amazing but it does take so much of our time that we cannot have time for the important stuff. One example: I did my favourite yoga session today, before looking at emails or interacting heavily on social media and my day has been full of positive, intuitive insights and a wonderful level of relaxation that only taking 'me time' can achieve. 

#1 DO NOT touch your phone until after you have got out of bed each morning.

#2 Set a morning & evening ritual for example: I self-reiki, meditate & (when possible) do a Yoga Session. It can just mean a walk in nature for you or turning everything off at least 20 minutes before bed / on rising in the morning.

#3 Declutter your home & work space regularly, it helps with energy clearing and having a calm mind.

#4 Eat breakfast WITHOUT checking your phone.

#5 Take time to plan your day, break it down by tasks and allocate set time frames, if possible i.e. when to read / sort emails.

#6 Use travel time to either expand your mind or completely calm the mind. Read a book or simply observe & enjoy your surrounds, the world is an amazing place and people are so interesting. It is very beneficial to have a period of quiet time as often as possible.

#7 When you watch a movie, try really hard to do it from start to finish WITHOUT interruptions or distractions (or checking technology!)

#8 Learn to listen, as much as talk. So many people are thinking of their response to a sentence before the person has even finished speaking. Don't talk, listen, a reply is not always necessary, a conversation is NOT a competition.

#9 Reducing the number of 'Open' Browsers on your computer / laptop / ipad / phone at any one time. ONE is ideal but as a dual screen user, I always have at least two. This is definitely something I am have been applying daily, it can get quiet out of hand with different browsers and windows open all week but my computer has felt less chaotic. 

#10 Have a day off - Detox from ALL technology and do something you love. At least once a month, if it cannot be achieved weekly.

#11 DREAM BIG, at least once a week do something that is completely outside of your comfort zone. Aiming high is so exciting, exhilarating and becomes a habit where we constantly push our boundaries to make our dreams reality. 

Good Luck, do let me know how you get on & any tips you have. I am very fortunate to be carving out my own life path and am extremely grateful, humbled and excited about the future.



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