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Reiki is an extremely powerful and effective energy healing treatment that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to the body, mind and soul and when combined with crystals, the results are amplified.

The removal of energy blockages ignites our own immune system to heal, adding Crystals enhances and speeds up the healing process providing even greater relief, relaxation and emotional growth.

I have an article coming out in Kindred Spirit Magazine SEE HERE on this very topic. 
***Requirements: Trained to a minimum level of Reiki I & II.
 **Teaching Available via Zoom.

Crystal Reiki Article by Emma Hands

My article on the Life Changing Benefits of Crystal Reiki is available to read HERE. 

Crystal Grids For Abundance
  • Class Introduction

  • What is Crystal Reiki & How it Works

  • Reiki History & Symbols

  • History of Crystals & Crystal Reiki

  • Structures of Crystals

  • How to select Crystal & cautious list

  • How to store, cleanse & charge crystals

  • Attunement Ceremony

  • Working with the Chakras

  • Assessing Clients & Grid Building

  • Preparing & Performing with different Crystals   

  • Quiz (for Certification)

  • Course Summary

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