Creating Crystal Grids Course

Learn how to create powerful Crystal Grids to raise the vibration of your life, home & space. Discover how to build grids to achieve your dreams and use them as your ultimate manifesting tool. The course includes a good base understanding of Crystals for you to get the most from the ones you have. Teaching you how to work with them, and incorporate them into your life plus what works best for varying ailments, emotions, and goals you are looking to manifest.

For the Course Booking confirmation, there is a non-refundable deposit of £55 payable in advance to secure your place. The initial course is 2.5 hours long and payment is via Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Credit, or Debit Card. 

Crystals are selected for specific frequencies and properties and have been used for centuries as tools for healing and increasing levels of awareness. When buying and working with crystals you should select those you are most drawn to, often what you think you need turns out to be a completely different stone than the one you are most drawn to.

Email: with any questions. 

The Power of Crystal Grids For Healing And Manifesting Success In All Areas Of Your Life. 

Teaching is done on a 1-2-1 basis or in Group settings via Zoom for In-Person. Discover how to tune into your intuition and the energy of what you are looking to manifest with your grids. Learn which crystals are recommended by chakra; how to care for your crystals and where to place them. 


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