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Certified Animal Reiki Course by Emma Hands

Animal Reiki Certified Course

Animal Reiki is a fabulous, non-invasive therapy to balance physical, mental & energetic levels, as with humans. This is a one day workshop, with the manual supplied in advance so there can be some pre-study.

Animals are very intuitive and Reiki helps them with behavioural issues; personal growth & allowing them to 'let go' guilt free when they need to cross over but stress about their guardians. Animal Reiki can be done in person or at a distance, do email any questions. Requirements: Trained to, at least, Reiki Level II. 1-2-1 Certified Workshop 3.5 hours, at a time to suit you.

Curriculum Overview   

  • An Overview of Reiki

  • Using Reiki on Animals

  • Reiki Symbols 

  • Creating your mental reiki room

  • Distance Reiki 

  • Animal Chakras + Meditation

  • Beginning an Animal Reiki Session

  • Practice Forms to use

  • Conducting a session

  • Performing with different animals   

  • Animals & their Guardians

  • Animal Reiki & Palliative Care

  • Quiz + Course Summary

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